Track and Field Complex in Gomel

Track and Field Complex in Gomel, training gym - Mondo Sportrack, 103 m2

Central Stadium

Stadium down the Gorkovo str., Glubokoe, running tracks - Spurtan BS, 4337 m2


Propelling stadium

Athletics stadium "Athletics National Center of Olympic Preparation", Minsk, Mondo Sportrack, 495 м2

All-season indoor ice rink "OZERNY"

Multi-purpose portable sport surface - Mondosport II, 1352 m2

School stadium №8

School stadium №8, Gomel, football pitch - Greenfields REAL FT V-slide, 8040 m2

Olympic stadium school

"Olympic stadium school", Grodno, running tracks - Mondo Sportrack, 2800 m2

Stadium "Locomotiv"

Stadium "Locomotiv", Zhlobin, football pitch - Greenfields Real FT 60 V-slide, 7640 m2

Stadium "Spartak"

Stadium "Spartak", Mogilev, running tracks - Spurtan BS, 5000 m2

Sports Center

Sports Center down the Perecopskaya str. 58a, Orsha, hockey pitch - Greenfields HT PA 13 nd, 6390 m2

School playground

School playground, Polochani, Playpol, 648 m2

Indoor Athletic Center

Indoor Athletic Center, Vitebsk, running tracks - Spurtan BV, 3000 m2 

City stadium

City Stadium, Molodechno, running tracks - Spurtan BS, 2428 m2

Gomel Engineering University School

Gomel Engineering University School, Football Pitch - Greenfields Real Slide FT 60, 1009 м2