2003 - PPTUE Talen Group was founded by Taletski Nikolai. The company starts with sports goods wholesale trade.

2004 - own production of sports socks was opened in Gomel (second largest city in Belarus).

2005 - the company starts a new trend of sports industry in Belarus, which is supply and installation of sports floorings. For that purpose there was hired and educated a special group of high-qualified installers.

2007 - Talen Group started producing sportswear, footwear and sports equipment with its own brand “Talen”. The main production facility was based in China and Belarus.

2009-2010 - “Talen Group” is arranging a start of new production facilities, concerned with sports floorings manufacture, meant both for local and foreign markets.

Today PPTUE “Talen Group” is the biggest supplier of sports equipment and inventory in the Republic of Belarus and the only installation company in the country owing several groups of installers and all the necessary equipment for the sports floorings installation of all types both indoor and outdoor.

The main factors of the company’s successful activity are as follows:
• Large experience in sports industry (both the management and most of the employees are former professional sportsmen);
• Cooperation with only reliable suppliers of materials, equipment and goods on mutually beneficial conditions;
• High-qualified specialists.

In Belarus “Talen Group” is the exclusive dealer of such world-known companies as:
• “GreenFields” (the Netherlands)
• “Polanik”, Poland (track-and-field equipment)
• “Mondo S.p.A”, Italy (sports floorings)
• “HARO sports”, Germany (sports parquet)
• “APT Chemieprodukte GmbH”, Germany (polyurethanes for running track systems)
• “Nordic Sport”, Sweden (track-and-field equipment)
• “Hummel” Denmark (sports and fashion goods)